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Willian Portilla Chiza

Willian comes from the Kichwa nation of the Imbaya community, which is located in the province of Imbabura, Ecuador. Family members and community taught him at an early age the traditional rhythms of the Andes. These teaching lead him to perform with many talented musicians and explore diverse musical genres. This motivated him to form TRIBU and to record their first cd FROM NORTH AND SOUTH. TRIBU’s work is based on the andino musical concept incorporating traditional flute instruments with world beats and the natural sounds of Mother Earth - creating a new style of Andes music. The second cd SOL, continues to extend this fusion expression producing sounds of healing, happiness and dance. The third album Anaku is incorporating more synths and new age music, without loosing our traditional andes melodies. Our latest album Balance represents all of our hard work throughout these years, where i have found a perfect  balance between traditional andes music and western music. 





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